Your fleet needs may require a bit more flexibility than a closed-end lease can provide, so we also offer an open-end lease (also known as finance, capital lease, operating lease and TRAC lease). It gives you the ability to add, replace, or terminate vehicles as your business conditions require.

With that in mind, there are more fluctuating factors to consider when choosing an open-end lease, such as resale value, seasonal influences, interest rates and mileage. Our experts will help you minimize these risks with counseling and maximum lease-end options.


– Flexibility of retaining the equity in your vehicles, like a finance lease with the off-balance sheet treatment of an operating lease
– Long-term structure to pay for your vehicles over time, thus freeing up capital for expenditures and enjoying the flexibility of ownership and the potential cash flow and tax advantages


– Fixed and variable interest rates
– Operating TRAC lease
– $1 buyout
– Capital lease
– Fully amortized or residual

At the end of the term, VWGoA Fleet Services will help you find the best options to fit your needs. Whether that means converting to ownership, remarketing, replacing, or retaining a lease.

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