Making the decision to buy or lease your fleet vehicles brings up many factors to consider. There are short- and long-term benefits to focus on, so we will walk you through the differences to ensure that you make the right decision.


Leasing a vehicle means you only pay for the portions of the vehicle you use, while buying a vehicle means you pay for the entire cost of it. There are several types of leases, and depending on what you choose, you earn different financial benefits. For example, an operating lease gives you tax benefits by deducting 100% of your lease payments from your income statement, while a capital lease allows you to claim depreciation and deduct the interest expense.


When working with a fleet management partner like VWGoA Fleet Services, you can be sure that you will find discounts and incentives to save you both time and money.


Owning your fleet comes with the risk of your vehicles looking poor if you are unable to maintain them. Leasing gives you the ability to keep your drivers in the latest-model vehicles – and gives them all of the benefits of the latest technologies, like better navigation, communication and safety features.


When you own your fleet, you are in charge of the repairs and maintenance on your vehicles, which can cost valuable time and money. Leasing gives the maintenance headaches to your fleet management partner, which can help keep costs low or, in some cases, even include them in your lease at predictable fixed costs. Leasing newer vehicles also reduces the amount of maintenance issues that otherwise might fall on an older, aging fleet.


Leasing from a reliable fleet management partner gives you benefits from many other services, including maintenance and roadside assistance, and driver safety training coverage. The right fleet management partner also gives you the customer service support you and your drivers need – while saving you valuable time. When you own your fleet, you are responsible for managing all of the data involved in fleet management – including controlling your vehicle inventory, consolidating your invoices and costs, and other services that keep your fleet running smoothly.

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