We recognize there are many fleet management companies out there, so choosing the one that can best service your fleet can be challenging. With so many fleet management companies offering the same services and support, what makes one better than another? We’ll tell you.

VWGoA Fleet Services is a different kind of Fleet Management Company. We are driven to serve all customers – and that care extends into how we support you throughout our partnership. We believe it’s our responsibility to provide quick, competitive, and straightforward support to our customers, and we do just that.


We work with your team to structure a plan with the options and services that make the most sense for your organization.


We offer flexible lease options including open-end and closed-end leases.


VWGoA Fleet Services has a large variety of optional services – all with flexible terms – designed to make your fleet operate even more efficiently. These include maintenance, roadside assistance, fuel management and more. At VWGoA Fleet Services, we know your expectations are high. So are ours.

To speak with one of our consultants and learn more about our programs and customized fleet solutions, click here or call 888-698-9495.