You rarely have the time you’d like to devote to administrative responsibilities. Personal Mileage Reporting is just one item on a long list of time-consuming administrative tasks.

We offer our Personal Mileage Reporting solution to make this daunting task simple. We compile all of the information you need by giving your drivers access to online, personal use tracking, and then issue reports that aggregate it in a meaningful way. We even send email reminders to ensure that drivers are on track with reporting periods. Now, it’s easier than ever to keep track of both personal and business use.


– Eliminates paperwork associated with manual logs
– Consolidates personal mileage information into meaningful, real-time reports
– Sends email reminders to drivers so fleet managers don’t have to
– Offers driver support, saving managers the time it takes to field questions from drivers


– Easy online daily mileage reporting for each driver
– Simple login for drivers to submit mileage in the VWGoA Fleet Services Portal
– Up-to-the-minute personal and business use tracking
– Available option for uploading log files
– Reporting intervals determined by the fleet manager
– Online 24/7 available tax reports
– Free technical support

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