VWGoA Fleet Services wants every partner to have the tools they need to care of their fleet. That’s why we offer the option to custom-build your fleet management program, regardless of size or budget. We will provide you with complete control and unmatched flexibility, as well as an expert team that is among the most knowledgeable and responsive in the fleet management industry, to create the best fleet program for you.


Fleet Electrification
Full and Administered Maintenance Programs
Fuel Management
Accident Management
Fleet Technologies
Strategic Fleet Consulting Services
Safety & Training
Personal Use Reporting
Telematics & GPS Tracking
Toll Management
Violations Management
Fleet Assist
Compliance Services

Whether you’d like to take advantage of all of these services or just a few, VWGoA Fleet Services can help.

To speak with one of our consultants and learn more about our programs and customized fleet solutions, click here or call 888-698-9495.