Our strategic consulting team leverages fleet experience, analytical expertise, and industry-leading technology to deliver tailored solutions across the fleet lifecycle. We partner with our clients to provide tailored strategies that work in line with your organizational goals.


Our consultants collaborate with our clients to put an effective plan in place for their objectives, utilizing lifecycle cost analysis, vehicle optimization, fleet cycling, replacement strategies, resale market optimization, and safety and risk best practices. Our consultants are experts at identifying opportunities and providing predictive analytics to provide insights.


Once we have a strategy, our strategic consultants provide the tools to monitor and manage the costs and trends with your fleet. The strategic consultant fleet scorecard gives decision-makers and fleet stakeholders information and recommendations. Our consultants meet with customers on an ongoing basis to review analysis of major fleet costs, fleet performances and behaviors, and sustainability goals, as well as to provide benchmarking and new, uncovered opportunities.


Strategic consulting is an ongoing, collaborative process, and is an important part of a client’s relationship with VWGoA Fleet Services. Our team provides consistent engagement and proactive recommendations over time to drive continuous improvement, best practices, and meaningful change.

Our strategic fleet consultants are here to provide customized solutions for your fleet. To speak with one of our consultants and learn more, click here or call 888-698-9495.