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VWGoA Fleet Services has created a variety of white papers on important topics such as best practices for fleet management, online fleet management, leasing benefits and more.

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How to Begin Transitioning to EVs

When looking at most major automotive OEMs today, you'll find that nearly all of them have either released an electric vehicle (EV) model or have plans to come to market with one soon. Some OEMs have made bold claims of going fully electric, like Volvo, who plans to stop selling ICE models by 2030. The industry is reaching a [...]

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Are BEVs Right For Your Fleet?

Today’s fleets face a combination of economic and environmental factors that make electric vehicles, once the focus of sustainability-minded and mission-driven groups more mainstream. Ever increasing access to charging infrastructure, lower purchase prices, and the increase in chassis options, vehicle range and payload capabilities are poised to increase adoption of BEVs for fleet applications. This means fleets can integrate [...]

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The Road to EV Adoption

With increasing concerns over environmental impacts and rising gasoline prices, electric vehicles (EVs) are more popular than ever before. Sales of EVs have skyrocketed. The U.S. vehicle landscape is approaching a tipping point making hybrids and EVs a viable choice. More cities and states have passed measures to increase infrastructure for EVs as well as procure EVs for government vehicles [...]

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Fuel Programs Should Go the Extra Mile

History has shown us that fuel prices are volatile. More recently, even as organizations adopt EVs into their fleet, the fuel line item represents a significant percentage of budgets. Your business might be missing out on rebates, payment structures and data-gathering opportunities if they’re not taking advantage of a fuel program. This white paper shows ways to save money beyond [...]

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The Best Approach to Vehicle Upfitting

Well-designed vehicle and upfit specifications can increase driver efficiency and safety while reducing costs over the vehicle lifecycle. However, the broad range of chassis, equipment and installer options can be overwhelming, making it difficult to know where to begin. Involving your fleet management company and your drivers early in the spec’ing and ordering process will go a long way [...]

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Compromised: Addressing Devices & Drugs in Today’s Fleets

Devices and drugs. They both impair drivers and both have proliferated to the point where they contribute to the majority of serious accidents in the U.S. As marijuana legalization sweeps across the country and opioid use and abuse has developed into a national epidemic, fleet managers are faced with addressing the growing trend of risky behaviors that compromise drivers’ [...]

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Being Prepared: Make Sure Your Fleet Is Ready for the Next Storm

Hurricanes, wildfires, ice events and record snowfalls. Natural disasters across the U.S. over the past decade have been historic and devastating with property damage costing tens of billions of dollars. Pictures of submerged cars, scorched lands, and collapsed roofs have become all too common and serve as a stark reminder that a fleet’s emergency preparedness is critical to protect [...]

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